Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daveland Strikes Again!

About two years ago, I discovered this artist online and asked him if he could recommend anyone who could do a cartoon drawing of me that I could use for my now-defunct website. His response was basically, "duh!" So I sent him a few pics of me and he created the image you see on the left. It's truly the best likeness of me ever made. And along the way, Dave and I became good friends.

He also made this creation for me - sort of an ultimate musclebear cartoon. I love it. Dave is extremely talented. And he now does a fairly good business doing cartoons of people for websites and blogs and such. I like to think I started the whole thing.

I have more projects for Dave in the works, as he is my go-to artist. Visit his site and enjoy his work, and even commission him to immortalize you as a work of Pop Art. Also, explore Dave's "adult" work by going here (hint: type NEWUSER for both user name and password to gain access). You'll also get to see the full version of my cartoon too.