Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Daveland Strikes Again!

About two years ago, I discovered this artist online and asked him if he could recommend anyone who could do a cartoon drawing of me that I could use for my now-defunct website. His response was basically, "duh!" So I sent him a few pics of me and he created the image you see on the left. It's truly the best likeness of me ever made. And along the way, Dave and I became good friends.

He also made this creation for me - sort of an ultimate musclebear cartoon. I love it. Dave is extremely talented. And he now does a fairly good business doing cartoons of people for websites and blogs and such. I like to think I started the whole thing.

I have more projects for Dave in the works, as he is my go-to artist. Visit his site and enjoy his work, and even commission him to immortalize you as a work of Pop Art. Also, explore Dave's "adult" work by going here (hint: type NEWUSER for both user name and password to gain access). You'll also get to see the full version of my cartoon too.


  1. Dop, you are awesome! Thanks for the plug.
    PS: See, I do read your blog.

  2. Dop and Dave. Great stuff here. Dave, your images continue to amaze me. They are so super HOT. You immortalize all the hot studs.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hoping to be your model someday.