Thursday, October 05, 2006

Girl, You Are Trippin'!

Lately, I have been tripping over nothing while walking. It started a few months back - I notice it mostly while walking in the lobby of my office building. I am not sure if I am shuffling too much, not lifting my feet high enough, or what. But I will just be walking, minding my own business, and then suddenly trip over ... well ... air.

Yesterday I made a conscious effort to not trip while walking through the lobby. And I succeeded. I was so sidetracked for making it all the way that I ended up tripping twice on my way back through. This morning, after my daily misstep, a man following me put his hand on my shoulder and said, "You have to watch out for those jumping floor tiles".

Hardy. har. har.

I don't think it's my shoes, cause I wear these shoes frequently. So I am thinking that it could just be work related. Perhaps I just listlessly drudge along as I "hi-ho, hi-ho". I guess I need to fix that with either new shoes, a spring in my step, or another job.

Please - don't get me started.


  1. Stop wearing high heels at home while you're vacuuming!

  2. Hmmm! A Spry Dop with a "lttle spring in his step!" Gosh why am I laughing at that visual. :-)

  3. I once tripped and fell walking into a store in Soho. On a crowded Sunday afternoon. With literally dozens of people witnessing. To my recollection, it is the only time I've been laughed at publically. I wanted to disappear.

  4. Can be a sign of a larger problem. See your doctor about a physical.

  5. a larger problem? sorry to say it, but dop is the larger problem.

    love ya, honey.

  6. hayofray has a good point. If your spine or hips are out, the only symptom right now could be that one leg is longer than the other, by sometimes even and inch or more.

    Maybe that could be causing you to trip over? .... or maybe you're just having an unco week? :)

  7. OK, those comments scare me b/c I have the exact same problem. It's embarrassing but I'd hate to think it's indicative of something worse.

    So glad I'm not the only one though! :-)

  8. Don't trip, run don't walk to your friendly neighborhood Neurologist. If you've been at it for a year, it could conceivably be a systemic problem with a 'mind' of its own.