Monday, October 16, 2006

Luke Visits

This past weekend, my friend Luke visited me while touring the U.S.

Luke lives in Australia, and we met a little over two years ago in NYC while he was visiting for the U.S. Open and I was just beginning a test phase for a heart treatment at Columbia Hospital (we all know how THAT turned out, don't we?).

When Luke and I met, it was as if we had been friends, or rather mates, for years. We spent two days together in NYC, and then he came to DC for a weekend before traveling back to Australia. For the past two years, we have stayed in constant contact via email and phone. Last year, before my heart surgery, I instructed my sister to call 5 people and give them updates on my condition. Luke was one of the five (my best friend Jeff, roommate Ashley, gal-pal Kelly, and The BF before he was The BF, were the other 4).

When visiting the states this year, Luke put Chicago on his list to spend a few days with me and meet The BF. He arrived on Friday night after spending a week in LA and Miami. And Friday night kicked off a drunkfest the likes of which I have not partaken in ages. I don't go out to bars very much, so going out three nights in a row was a huge deal. And Luke was constantly entertaining.

On Sunday, The BF and I attended a birthday party at Bin Wine for our friend Heather. We invited Luke to come along, but he took the three hours to sit at home alone on the couch and chill. I realized that he probably hadn't had any alone time since his trip started, much less time to just relax and do nothing. We went without him and he met up with us later at Mary's Attic for Gong Show Karaoke.

Luke flew out Monday morning for NYC, where he will stay with his best friend for the next two weeks before returning back to Oz. His three favorite things about Chicago were:

1. The surplus of beefy, older men
2. Quiznos (which they don't have over there), and...
3. The BF

It's a great feeling having friends that you might not see all the time or even talk to much, but when you are together, it's as if no time has passed between visits. I think that is what defines true friendship. We've scolded each other, listened to each other bellyache, praised each other and laughed alot. Perhaps it will be another two years before I see him again, perhaps not. In any case, no matter how long it will be between our visits, it will seem like yesterday.

It was a blast, mate! Bon voyage!

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