Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mark Foley Is A Pedophile

In old news this week, U.S. Representative Mark Foley was discovered to have sent lascivious emails to teenage male pages while working at the Capitol in DC (you can read here how it all unfolded). He resigned in shame, as well he should, and has dealt yet another blow to the already deservedly embattled Republican party of ne'er-do-wells.

The NEW news is that Foley blames his troubles on being molested by a priest when he was a teen himself. What a convenient truth that would be. Is this where we shake our heads and replace the blame for his perversity on someone else? Foley won't say which church he belonged to, nor would he provide the name of the clergy who molested him. Which leads me to believe that he is lying, again, and is just hoping for sympathy. Let's face it, he's already proven to be morally corrupt.

Where was Mr. Victim a few years ago when the priest molestation scandal was rocking the country? Why didn't he mention it then when it actually could have helped other men who had gone through the same thing? Why did he wait until it would garner pathos for him to suddenly reveal an allegedly horrible youth? I have no sympathy for Foley (who co-chaired the Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus, by the way) because he should know better.

And with typical "it's not us, it's them" fodder, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (himself in the hotseat for not doing anything about this situation when he first found out) has stated that he blames Democrats for making this public so close to election time. "Democrats have ... put this thing forward to try to block us," Hastert told conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh yesterday. My question is - Shouldn't the public, and the law, have been made aware of this anyway???

Mark Foley is a pedophile (pure and simple), and the republicans knew about it (pure and simple) and did nothing (pure and simple). Election time is here. Vote wisely.


  1. Not only does he claim that he was molested as a young boy, but he also acknowledged (according to his attorney) that he is gay. My first thought was, "Awesome, another role model!"

  2. The part that kills me is when all these celebrities/politicians commit a crime, then immediately check into rehab. Sending sexually charged emails to minors? No problem. Driving drunk and throwing around anti-semitic and sexist slurs? Don't worry about it. Just spend the next 4-6 weeks in a private rehab facility and another bigger scandal is sure to come along by then.

  3. gives new meaning to:

    "no child left behind..."

  4. I'm glad it didn't come out until now... let's keep it fresh on the minds of voters!

  5. I wonder if Barney Frank is up to anything and being protected by the Democratic party. Don't approve or defend Foley's wrongdoing, but the Demo outrage is the pot labeling the kettle...

  6. Um,
    I'm not sure that Barney Frank is guilty of anything other than being gay. He, as far as I'm aware of, isn't propositioning boys for sex. Not the same thing.

  7. Sound like Foley and the Reps are trying to make being a pedophile and being gay the same thing. Sad thing some small minded people will and do believe that.

  8. CB - I think that's a ridiculous comment.

  9. "gives new meaning to:

    no child left behind..."

    Dear Ryan,
    Your feeble attempt at humor is, consistently, pathetic.

  10. Pathetic?

    As in, "not funny at all?"

    OR pathetic like, "hiding one's identity by commenting anonomously?"

    I just want to make sure we're on the same page.

  11. pathetic as is "not funny at all".

    turning the page, and moving on...

  12. "I wonder if Barney Frank is up to anything..."

    It is not fair to insinuate that gay people are naturally suspect. It also appears to be a shameless attempt to deflect attention from the Republicans by turning it back to the Democrats and "wondering" what skeletons are in their closets.

    This is not a Republican or Democrat issue, and it's unfortunate that the state of our political culture is that these things always get exploited purely for political value. Foley has already been convicted in the court of public opinion, regardless of whether all the facts are known. I'm not trying to defend him here, because it does appear that he is guilty of obscenely inappropriate and unethical behavior...whether he has actually committed a crime or not, I don't know. Whether he has ever solicited or had sex with a minor, I don't know. Is he a hypocrite? Yes. Does he have a serious problem that he needs to come to terms with personally and address responsible manner? Yes again.

    Did the Republican leadership consciously ignore alarms that this inappropriate behavior was occurring? It looks perhaps like they did. Again, I don't think the verdict is in.

    Are Republicans and Democrats responsible for exploting such personal failures and breaches of society's trust for political gain? Absolutely. Do those failures occur because someone is a Republican? A Democrat? No. Because people are human and sometimes fail? Certainly.

    But, should any person be considered a pervert or pedophile just for being gay? No. And it's offensive to suggest so.

    Sorry, Dop, for turning this into a soapbox. I just thought it needed to be said. And of course, anyone is free to disagree.