Thursday, October 26, 2006

October 27

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2005 - Have a stress test with my new cardiologist. Celebrate Ashley and Brandon's birthday and go out afterwards to Sidetrack with the twins and The BF.

2004 - Drinks at Gazuza in DC with Jon, Eric, Kelly and Kevin.

2003 - Dinner with Ashley for his birthday. Babysit Tucker.

2001 - Take jeep to Jiffy Lube. Friend Geoff W. visits and we go dancing at Colours of Fall at Nation. Still fairly warm in DC.

2000 - Drive to parents place for family Hallowe'en party.

1999 - Movie night with friend Paul E.

1997 - DC's High Heel Race with Ex#3, Scotty, Brett and David.

1995 - Move into first solo apartment on the Hill in DC.

1993 - Go pumpkin shopping with friend Colleen, then dinner at Ground Round with friend Tom.

1992 - Wait tables at Chi-Chi's from 4:15 til Close. Friend Jeff's back surgery following car accident on the 23rd.

1991 - Drive from college to have dinner in DC at Annie's Paramount Steakhouse with frends Jeff, Matt and Ex#2

1990 - Move to Silver Spring, MD after moving back to my folks place following my internship in NYC.

1989 - Hallowe'en party at Deer Park Lodge - voted 2nd place for ugliest costume (although I don't remember what I was)

1988 - Ex#1 returns home from 6 weeks in NYC for work (I'm sure sex was had).

1986 - Dinner at my sister Kim's house.

1985 - Visit Pam and Chris with fiance Crystal. Dinner and board games.

1984 - Early Bird exam at 8:00 AM to pass out of Tudor-Stuart England class.

1983 - Chaperone Sock Hop at Eckhart School 7-9PM.

1982 - Ride in Hallowe'en parade in Cumberland with friend Debbie L. who was running in school board election.

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  1. Whoa - so much to comment on, but I'll narrow it down to: Holy Chi-Chi's and Ground Round!!