Monday, October 02, 2006

A Year In Chicago

Last week, September 25th to be exact, marked one year of my living in Chicago. Admittedly it started out a little rocky here, but everyday since has been one more day of affirmation that moving here was the right thing to do.

Oddly enough, I was back in DC the same day on which I moved a year ago. And I will say that there is something to the phrase, "you can't go home again." While I spent 10 formulative years in the District, I didn't feel like I was home while I was there last week. Yes, it was great to see Aaron, Marc, Keith, Serhiy, Kelly, Eric, Jon, Derrick, Andrew, and even my best buddy Jeff - even if all too briefly. And it was also great to finally meet these guys face to face after a year of emails back and forth. But as much as I cherished being with these people whom I love, I really just couldn't wait to get home. Seven days is a long time to be away from your life.

I had 10 wonderful years in DC. But I expect the next 9 years in Chicago to be as amazing as the first. There is a comfort in knowing where you belong. And just because you may have many friends, or even family, in one location - it doesn't mean that location is supposed to be your home. "Home is where the heart is".

And my heart - my new, rejuvenated, ready for more life heart - is in Chicago.