Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Anonymous Commenters

Over a year ago, I was unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of some fairly hateful comments posted on my blog by someone who would feel comfortable enough to voice his opinioin, but not adult enough to sign his name to it. Based on his postings (I just surmised that "anonymous" was a male), it was clear that we did not know each other.

Was he an unrequited love? Maybe. Was he a disgruntled postal worker? Perhaps. Was he bored and lonely with no friends? Probably. For whatever reason, this dude hated - HATED - me and my life without ever meeting me in person, or even carrying on any kind of dialogue. He simply chose to voice his opinion and sign his name as Anonymous. Eventually, he went away, off to bother someone else no doubt.

Had Anonymous actually written anything that made sense, I might have encouraged him to continue to post his opinions. I do, after all, inadvertently invite some form of criticism by simply keeping an online journal of my thoughts and ideas which allows others to respond in kind. And while I am the first to admit that I probably don't have the most positive blog on the net, I do hope that what I write is considered interesting, fun, and sometimes offbeat yet thought-provoking.

Lately, another person (I am only assuming that this is a different person) has been offering his opinions (I again assume it's a man) and criticisms about the stuff I write on this here blog. Now, one can disagree with me all he wants, but the one thing I will not allow is to have my blog hijacked by someone else to serve as a vehicle for his own opinions. To that I say, "Get your own effing blog and leave mine alone." And Whitney agrees with me.

I encourage everyone who reads my blog to sign your name. My opinions cannot be swayed by someone with no credentials - or name for that matter. I consider comments to be a form of education, however I cannot respect a teacher who masks himself. This ain't Phantom of the Opera, toots.

So Whitney and I are going to be monitoring the comments a little more closely now. And if those left by anyone signing as anonymous are not up to par, they will be deleted. What is "up to par", you might ask? Well, it's a little like pornography - I can't define it, but I'll know it when I see it. And yes, this probably negates the concept of an open forum, but it should also propogate the creation of new blogs out there that others can choose to read or not read.

Just like mine.