Thursday, November 16, 2006

Emmitt Smith & Me

The BF called me the other night simply to say that he had just finished watching Dancing With The Stars and wanted to tell me how much ex-Dallas Cowboys Running Back and current DWTS champion, Emmitt Smith, looks like me. "He's big and bald and smiles alot. And he's cute, " The BF said with a giggle.

I cannot tell you the number of times I was told how much I resemble Emmitt, just this week alone. A while ago, I blogged about a face recognition website that would match you up with celebrities who resembled you, or at least the photo you chose to use. Personally, I didn't see a resemblance between me and any of those other people. But after checking out some pictures, I actually do see the resemblance between Emmitt and me. As my co-worker, Amy, said yesterday, "Emmitt is The Black Dop."

Some say it's the beefy build, some say it's the bald head, some say it's the big smile (I wish it was the big wallet). So let's compare some stats:

Super Bowl titles:30
Feb. 3, 2005:
Retired from Pro FootballWatched Catwoman on Netflix

Okay, so maybe we didn't live parallel lives, but here are some comparison pics for you to judge for yourself: