Tuesday, October 31, 2006


So here we are! The BF did an amazing job, didn't he? Yes - he made both costumes, all from scratch.

We attended the Parade on Halsted, Sidetrack and Roscoe's. And we were clearly the crowd favorites. We must have posed for 40-50 photographs, including some heavy hitter newspaper and websites.

You can see more pics of us at The BF's blog, and our buddy Will - another crowd favorite as the Giant Panda - will have more pics on his Flickr Page. More details to follow. But suffice is to say The BF did an amazing job, we looked awesome, and had a great time.

Now, about next year . . .


  1. I think your bf is talented at creating costumes -- but isn't Shrek something that's been done to death? The costumes are amazing, but it's a real shame he didn't come up with something more creative and clever. For next year, I hope you come up with something really original. But, I know I sure would love to have his sewing and costume creating talent to really wow people with a truly original set of costumes.

  2. Dear "Person Hiding Behind An Anonymous Identity" - the idea for the Shrek costume was mine, not The BF's. And actually, last night we were told over and over again that Shrek is something you never see - especially the way we did it. Do a web search for Shrek costumes and you will not find one that even comes close in comparison.

    The BF made my entire costume without taking ONE measurement from me. His attention to detail is amazing. Jaws dropped at the mere mention that our costumes were not made by a professional.

    But last night was more than just putting on clothes and makeup and walking the streets. It was about Kevin and I sharing a great experience and creating a lasting memory in our relationship, both together and with our friends who were part of it.

    There's a bigger picture here and you failed to see it.

  3. You guys look great and The BF did an amazing job!

  4. I'm a Halloween junkie and I gotta say I've never seen Shrek done like this - you guys were truly amazing. Total traffic stoppers! There's no way that costume has been "done to death" - silly statement.

  5. I agree that sharing a great experience and creating a lasting memory is what it's all about. It doesn't hurt that your costumes were amazing and you both look great!

    Hope you have many more happy Halloweens (and other days) together!

  6. Um...so friggin' adorable I could just pee everywhere. Your BF is so crazily annoyingly talented. I'm off to his blog to see more pictures and to congratulate him on his ingenuity.

    Oh, and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who gets lame anonymous comments.

  7. Love the costumes! :) Your BF is seriously talented. When I'm famous, I hope he'll be my personal tailor. :)

    BTW, "anonymous" can suck it.

  8. Excellent costumes!I love it when people goes as couples and have costumes that are really made to be worn together, rather then stand out alone.

  9. Are you Shrek or the Princess??? Either way, you look good.