Tuesday, November 21, 2006


In my ever-present effort to stay cardiovascularly challenged, I upped my game and moved from running on the treadmill in the gym to running outside. The treadmill was just driving me crazy and I found that I bored before I tired. Since there was a break in the weather this past week in Chicago, I decided now was the time to start running on trails and such outdoors to enliven my routine.

I stepped outside, inhaled deeply, stretched, and began my run. Twenty feet later, as I fumbled with my iPod, I accidentally dropped it on the sidewalk, then as I tried to sidestep it, kicked it another 50 feet or so.

Oh yeah, it's way dead.

The one time I really needed my iPod while working out and this happened - totally my fault with no one else to blame, too. Curses. I am also glad to see that I am not the only person distraught at the death of my electronic listening device.

Truth is, I've been wanting to buy the iPod Nano for some time now. It's better suited to working out and it comes with all those cute accessories like armbands and the Nike distance chip. And I couldn't justify buying the Nano when I already had the larger, 20g version.

So perhaps my dropping the iPod was subliminal? Doubtful. I am not that deep. But I am that clumsy.