Monday, November 20, 2006

Tech Tomato

If you are in Chicagoland (and even if you aren't), and you have a sick computer - I have found your saviour! Joel Mehr at Tech Tomato is a God-send when it comes to fixing/repairing/resuscitating a computer. Last Fall, my laptop, which was only 5 months old, caught a nasty virus. Every day, I would just watch my memory disappear more and more. By February, it was all but dead.

And then The BF recommended Joel, a co-worker from Blue Man Group. I handed my very sick laptop over to Joel and hoped for the best. Within three weeks, the laptop was returned in the same shape as it was when I bought it in May. And I only lost 3 programs which were easily re-installed with software I already had.

Joel also installed additional spyware and virus software to help combat future problems, and since then I have had absolutely no problems.

Not only does Tech Tomato bring the dead back to life, they also teach the community to be more savvy computer operators. Here's an article that appeared about them in last week's addition of the Daily Herald. It's good to see a company that not only fixes problems, but takes the time to help the community combat the problems in the first place. Ultimately, if everyone knew how to correctly operate a computer, Tech Tomato wouldn't be necessary - yet they take the steps to - in a very roundabout way - eradicate themselves for the betterment of the community.

A selfless approach in a selfish world. Congrats guys!


  1. he's also hilariously funny and super friendly... which is a plus when letting a stranger into your house.

  2. Hey, that's the husband of one of the teachers at my school placement!

    small world, indeed.