Monday, December 11, 2006

December 12th

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2005 - My first day at work at my current job. Attend Blue Man Holiday Party with The BF.

2004 - Dinner at Ella's for Eric's birthday, then go to Tom-Tom for gifts and cake, then go to JR's to round out the evening.

2003 - Vacation day; go to parents' place to help them finish Christmas gifts being made in Dad's woodshop.

2002 - Day 2 at Bolger Center in Potomac, MD for Empower conference. Go out to JR's that night with Aaron, Bruce, David, Greg, Chuck and Chris.

2001 - Help friends Gregg & Keith move.

1999 - Out with friend Geoffrey; meet new friend Bill M. while out; get drunk.

1998 - Night of a Million Christmas parties with Ex#3: Office Christmas party, followed by Todd's Christmas party, followed by Jeff's Christmas party, followed by Pascaline's Christmas party.

1997 - Go to club Millenium in DC with friend David F. Meet Bill S. there. Date for a few weeks.

1996 - Work until 6, then go to Sign of the Whale with co-worker Frank.

1995 - Mail out Christmas cards; lunch with datee Ron L; college friends Kathy V. and Ron M. visit me in DC.

1993 - Watch "The Color Purple" with at Kathy's with Jeet, Tom, Rick, Brian, Kathy and Hank.

1992 - Exchange gifts with Ex#2 (before college break); dinner at Castiglia's with Ex#2 and Kathy; Deer Park Lodge with Ex#2, Matt, Bill, Josh and Rick.

1991 - Last day at Department of Education; drive to Ex#2's.

1990 - Bowling night with Matt, Jeff, Joe and Steve. Go to DC Eagle afterwards

1989 - Shop at Country Club Mall with friend Jim K.

1988 - Ex#1 returns from New York business trip; dinner out; shop at Tyson's Corner afterward.

1987 - A rare Saturday night staying at home. Must have been sick. Yeah, that must be it.

1986 - Office staff at hotel moves into new offices on site. We go drinking at Henny's to celebrate upgrade. Joy drinks me under the table.

1985 - Go to Bloodmobile on Kelly Blvd.; work 5-10:15; Christmas party at Brenda's beginning at 7:00

1984 - Lab practical II; Persuasive speech due in Speech class; work 6-Close

1983 - Wrestling practice at 3:30; play practice at 6:00

1982 - Day trip to Bedford Village with Ex-fiancee; Fire department Christmas dinner (Dad was the Fire Chief).

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