Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Pringles are my favourite potato chip brand. I dig the shape, I dig the packaging, and they are handy to eat while driving. As a neat freak, I like how easily they fit together. As a romantic, I adore how they spoon each other in the can. Yeah, you still get some broken ones, but by and large you still get a good many chips for your buck.

Mostly, I dig the flavours Pringles come in: Original, Loaded Baked Potato, Sour Cream & Onion, Jalapeno, Chili Cheese, Pizza, Cheddar Cheese, Ranch, BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, Pizza-licious, Spicy Guacamole, and the Reduced-Fat and Fat-Free versions of the same. There are even Pringles with movie trivia printed on the chip. Talk about a party!

If only Pringles made Onion & Garlic flavour, my life would be worth living.

But I have recently discovered that my favourite chip manufacturer has been cheating me out of sampling some pretty great flavours of chips, because there are some flavours that are offered in other countries that are not available in the U.S. Such as: Paprika flavour in Finland. Ketchup in Canada. Smoked Bacon in Australia. Cool & Hot in Brazil. There is also an Aroma line of Pringles with flavours like Red Pepper with a Touch of Olive Extract (Great Britain) and Red Paprika (Deutschland).

Man I am jealous!

And there are some flavours that seem to be in the wrong countries. In South Korea, you can get European Tomato. In Great Britain, you can get Texas BBQ; same in France. In Japan, you not only can get French Consumme, but also Spanish Salsa. And in Deutschland, you can get Spicy Thai and Greek Style Cheese. Can you imagine a Greek Style Cheese chip?

Someone pinch me!

Christmas is coming and I've been a very good boy. So if there is anyone living in South Korea, England, Israel, Japan, Finland, France, hell even Canada that would like to send me a few cans of your specialty chip...


  1. When we went to London all we did was eat potato chips that you can't get here...like Cracked Black Pepper and Lime....yummmm.

    Apparently American's no longer have the fever for the flavor of a different flavored pringles and just want the plain boring flavors.

  2. Man, I loves me some potato chips, no doubt. But rather than more exotic flavors (cuz I'm a traditional regular-flavor chipoholic), I've always wondered why Pringles never branched out into a 'ruffled' style. They're made out of a composite material to begin with, so why not form them into something with a little better structural integrity for dipping? My guess is that they wouldn't stack as well in the can, therefore you'd get less, but a guy can dream, can't he?

  3. Hey I'll send you some Texas BBQ, Paprika, and the Aroma specials if you send back Loaded Baked Potato, Pizza and Spicy Guacamole cos I can't get those here in the UK!

  4. in Japan, you can get Pringles "Chicago Pizza" flavor! close your eyes, take a sniff and you can almost imagine yourself sitting in a famous Chicago pizzeria, like Lou Malnattis, Eduardos, Pizzeria Uno or Due.... :-)

  5. The greek style cheese chip is - the best pringle ever - and this coming from me, a firm advocate of "original is ALWAYS better"