Monday, December 04, 2006

Who's Sorry Now?

Yesterday, I read that the "Michael Richards' Mea Culpa Tour" is traveling back to the scene of the crime so that Richards can apologize in-person to the club goers he offended that crazy night with his racial outbursts.

I agree that what he did was horrendous. But I have to also wonder if the club goers will also be forced to apologize to Richards and/or to the rest of the people in the club that night, if not the rest of the entertainment world, for causing this ruckus in the first place?

Granted, no one deserves to be called names, specifically those names dealing with your race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation. Those things that one cannot control should not be used against him for any reason. However, the men attending the club that night were loud and abrasive. They were disruptive and obnoxioius. Richards was there to perform his stand-up act - to do his job. The rest of the people in the club paid their hard-earned money to see Richards and be entertained by him. They did not deserve to be brought into this melee. The men were rude and provoked Richards' inexcusable behavior. And now they are just sitting back and waiting for an apology as well as a possible cash settlement from Richards. That's right - they might get money too. So once again, in America, bad behavior gets rewarded.

As the worst of two evils, Richards is not traveling the circuit offering his apologies for offending. However, more than one man was to blame for this fracas. And I think all parties should be held accountable.

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  1. Dop: I agree. Bad behavior shouldn't be rewarded. I have noticed that people are sometimes given a "pass", as in the infamous description of NYC as "hymietown". That merited a "slap on the wrist." For the record, can't one be funny without bigotry and unclean speech?