Monday, January 22, 2007

Bandwagon - Isaiah Washington

It baffles me how a black man can call someone a "f_gg_t". Knowing full well how words sting, and how certain words of hatred can muster fear, inferiority, degradation and inadequecy, I cannot fathom how someone who would hate to be called a "n_gg_r", could use an epithet on another person.

Apologies have been running rampant lately. I mean say whatever you want, as long as you apologize later, and at least act like you mean it.

My solution to this latest "slip of the tongue": the producers of Grey's Anatomy should make Dr. Preston Burke (Washington's character) a latent homosexual with emotional and physical desires towards his old college roommate. Better yet, make him a love interest. And have Burke kiss, fondle, hug and caress him.

It's time celebrities actually do something to show they really don't mean what they say.