Monday, January 22, 2007

Bandwagon - Isaiah Washington

It baffles me how a black man can call someone a "f_gg_t". Knowing full well how words sting, and how certain words of hatred can muster fear, inferiority, degradation and inadequecy, I cannot fathom how someone who would hate to be called a "n_gg_r", could use an epithet on another person.

Apologies have been running rampant lately. I mean say whatever you want, as long as you apologize later, and at least act like you mean it.

My solution to this latest "slip of the tongue": the producers of Grey's Anatomy should make Dr. Preston Burke (Washington's character) a latent homosexual with emotional and physical desires towards his old college roommate. Better yet, make him a love interest. And have Burke kiss, fondle, hug and caress him.

It's time celebrities actually do something to show they really don't mean what they say.


  1. And I love how in every case, these celebrities decide to "meet with [said] leaders of the community."

    In this case, how about instead of meeting with GLBT leaders, you meet with the person you called xxx - he can tell you himself how wrong it is and how it makes him feel. You don't need the president of the HRC to tell you that.

  2. Washington also denied saying the word. If that is the case, why did he have to meet with GLBT leaders at all??

  3. Predjudice. Isaiah should be very familiar with the word. His actions completely baffle me in today's society.

  4. Dop: If Washington's character did what you suggested in tyhe last sentence of your post, wouldn't that be going beyond decency? For the record, I find much TV content discusting.