Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gay, Straight Or Taken?

At first I thought this show would bother me. With only knowing the premise - a woman must chose one of three men to go on a date with, however she has to choose the one who is straight and single, and not the one who is gay or the one who is straight and taken - I thought Gay, Straight or Taken? would inadvertently try to make gay men be something they aren't.

It seemed like it was going to be one more instance where the Mo had to butch it up in order to compete with the other contestants. But not only is this not the case, it's not even the opposite. This show is about 3 men who seem to be acting like, well, themselves. Telling the straight guy from the gay guy is pretty much impossible. So far there have been 6 episodes - and I have been wrong on every one (my gaydar needs some serious fine tuning).

I also had a fear that this show might be another form of Boy Meets Boy. Remember that stinker? One guy has to choose a boyfriend from among 15 or so "perfect catches". The real catch, however, was that when it got down to the final three, one of the trio was straight and unavailable. Which seemed pretty unfair. And of course - I was wrong on that one too because I totally fell for Franklin, the straight guy (not surprising really. I mean he's tall, lean, fair skinned, dark hair, adorable ... who does that sound like?) Also G, S or T? puts the woman out there all on her own to decide for herself; no crazy best friends running around screaming like Boy's crazy Andra!

This show is light, fun and entertaining. And I think it provides very positive images of gay men. Because what we've been trying to say all along is that we are just like everyone else. And this show is a breakthrough for finally making all of us equals.


  1. While I don't totally disagree with you, I think there's more about this show -- little beyond the surface -- that's a little troubling.

    - First, it caters to all kinds of stereotypes. That's the entire point of the woman's guessing game. "Hm, he pays too much attention to his hair. Gay." "He's wearing square-cut short swim trunks! Gay." Yes, in the end many of these snap judgments turn out to be wrong, but the "at this point I think..." interviews always rile me for that reason.

    - Second, the name of the series alone is annoying. The third option, "Taken," assumes that only straight people can be "taken," since there's the gay guy floating out there. And, as the show demonstrates, all the gay guys who show up are, in fact, "taken" -- just not by a woman. I realize "Available, Committed to a Woman, or Committed to a Man" simply doesn't have the flair to it, but it is a little jarring to suggest that "gay" people can't be "taken."

    All that being said... it's fun to watch if only because the guys who go on the show tend to be quite fun to look at.

  2. Oh, and just for fun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CpkuUMnto1Y