Monday, January 01, 2007

Under The Weather

Not sure if it was something I caught while back home for the holidays, or germs I may have been exposed to on the planes traveling to and from. But I 've been suffering through the nastiest cold I've had in years.

My sinuses started aching last Wednesday morning, so I took some OTC sinus medication hoping to drain some of my stuffiness. I worried a little about my flight back to Chicago, but hoped (prayed) that my head would not explode en flight. Sadly, my left ear clogged on the descent landing back at Midway Airport last Thursday and it's still not 100% clear. The clogging comes and goes, and now and then I can hear little ticks in my ear. I've been blowing gallons of snot out of my nose for the past 5 days, and coughing up just as much phlegm from my lungs. Yesterday, twenty minutes on the elliptical at the gym left me completely drained of all energy for hours.

I usually have some type of cold all winter long (it could have something to do with my hatred of hats that cover my ears). I am used to being a little snotty and phlegmy for a few months. But this one is taking it's toll, not to mention pissing me off. The BF seems to have a nasty cold too, but he's been working so much I think his hot little body is just worn out. And we seemed to both catch our colds when we weren't together. Contrarily, he's able to hear well.

I have taken decongestants, used ear drops, drunk plenty of fluids. And at this point, I am open to suggestions. Any old-world remedies out there?


  1. In China, they do the opposite of what is done here. In America, there are all of these products that try to bring down your temperature and eliminate symptoms of being sick, instead of helping your body get rid of what is making you sick. What has always worked for me is lots of heat and humidity -- if your gym has a steam room, spend some good time in there, then go over to the dry sauna, then repeat. At home, get under lots of blankets and stay very warm. Drink lots of warm tea. Warmth kills off the germs and helps you heal - and steam and humidity clear out your sinuses. At home, get a big bowl and fill it with boiling water, then put a towel over your head and over the bowl so the steam gets trapped in there and you can breathe it in. If you have green tea, use that in the water -- you will breathe that all in and it is good for you. If you have a humidifier, you can do the same thing with that, and use green tea in it too.

  2. well heres your friend the nurse up in milwaukee again to the rescue

    Take an old pot (small) put about 1 inch of water in it and boil it. Put some vicks vapor rub in it (about 1 tsp.) put a towel over your head to catch all the vapors as your head is over the pot. Breath deep through both your nose and mouth. Do this twice a day and youll be cleared up very soon.


  3. Zicam worked really well for a coworker.

  4. I agree with Justin and Todd's recommendations.

    Or, you could jump into Lake Michigan. I did it yesterday and today I feel like a million bucks.

    HAPPY 2007!! I hope you feel better soon.

  5. zicam totally saved me over the holidays. I will never suffer through a cold again! Damn. There I go tempting the cold furies again.

  6. I am feeling your pain and suffering in silence along witn you, dear Dop!

    I have been so dosed up to my eyeballs, I think I am peeing Nyquil!

    WHEN WILL IT END!!! Looking forward to seeing you and Kevin again soon.

  7. Have you tried nasal irrigation?