Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 7th

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2006 - Dinner at Maxim's downtown with The BF, then shopping at Club Monaco and the gym afterwards.

2005 - Back in DC, dinner with Ex#5 at Dupont Italian Kitchen, then pick up Ashley at the airport from his annual 10-day ski trip to Whistler.

2004 - In New Orleans with Ashley and Brandon a week before Mardi Gras (veiled attempt at getting me away from Ex#4). Walk around French Quarter and see parade at night. Hang out in OZ.

2002 - See friend Bob's play "Murder in the Cathedral" with Ashley, Kevin F., and Michael. Then go to Cobalt.

2001 - Dinner at Mr. Henry's on the hill with Steve and Jason (Steve leaves for France in two days, Jason leaves for Peace Corp in a week).

2000 - JOIN A GYM! Join Gold's Gym in Rosslyn.

1999 - Work 11-6 and then meet Ex#3 for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen on Connecticut Ave.

1997 - Dinner at Luna Grill with Al, then meet up with David to see "Beautician and the Beast"

1996 - Dinner with college buddy Ron in Rockville, MD.

1995 - Birthday dinner at my parents' place for brother Mike, and prep Dad for knee surgery the following day.

1994 - Dinner and movies at friend Micheal's in Winchester, VA.

1993 - Auditions for Jelita's one-act play. Dinner at Denny's with Ex#2 and Kathy V.

1992 - Tamara's One-Person Show at Shenandoah with reception following at Cabaret.

1991 - Go out to JR's, meet and begin dating Justin G. The weather is an unseasonable 75 degrees.

1990 - Travel to DOE subcontractor in Beltsville, MD with boss Denise. Dinner at PoFolks with friends Jeff and Micheal.

1989 - Visit friend Nancy W. at her Peachtree office in VA. Dinner with cousin Brad at his place on Conn Ave.

1988 - Loan appointment at Liberty Bank. Meet friend Mark at the mall for dinner (there's an asterisk by his name which means "sex" - although I don't remember).

1986 - Assist local volunteer fire department with hoagie sale fundraiser. Mail taxes. Out with girlfriend, Crystal.

1985 - Friend Chris teaches me to drive a 4-speed. Take W2's to tax office.

1984 - Senior year at Beall. Pizza at Off-Broadway Pub at 5:00 with friends.

1983 - Cub Scout meeting at 4:00 (teach Bobcat class).

1982 - Sophomore year at Beall. Two-hour delay to school due to snow (school cancelled following day).

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  1. Today is also a significant date for me too - a year ago today I flew back from Australia; two years ago today I left for my first trip to Australia (and New Zealand).