Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Myocardial Infarction Infraction

I thought this story was heroic:

An 80 year-old woman sitting alone in her home watching the Super Bowl is assaulted by a stranger who tries to lead the woman to a bedroom. After some pretty quick thinking, she fakes a heart attack and tells her would-be rapist that her medicine is in the car in the garage. After they retrieve the meds, the assailant flees, only to be picked up near the house by a police officer on routine neighborhood patrol.

Go Grandma!

Meanwhile, in semi-related news, thousands of Chicago Bears Fans experienced authentic heart attacks at the outcome of Super Bowl XLI.

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  1. So why don't I ever get sexually assaulted. 80 year old ladies, but not me. Clearly I'm doing something wrong.

    Thanks for the note on my blog--I've got to add you on my blogroll (which I'm slowly trying to speak HTML--now that gives ME a heart attack!)