Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Night Visitor

The other night, I was laying in bed. The bed is in the corner of the room. My head is on the same wall as the bedroom door, which leads out into the hallway. The door was open - all the way. The only light spilling in was from a night light the hallway. But it is a very dull light, as if the bulb was on its last few minutes of burning.

As I laid there, back against the wall, I suddenly saw the figure of a man quickly glide into my room. "Who the fuck is this?" I thought. He disappeared into the darkness, but I could hear him open a drawer and rattle around a bunch of objects, like in a utility drawer. The man closed the drawer and rushed back out of the room into the hallway. He remained darkened in what little amber light that was provided.

And I laid in fear.

Before I had time to think let alone move, he came back into the room and went back to the drawer. I heard all the objects, which sounded like metal, slide forward in the drawer as he pulled it open. And I wondered to myself, "does he know I am here? If I make a noise, will I startle him? What is he searching for?"

I couldn't see him in my room. But he was in there, rummaging around, looking for something in the pitch black space. He pushed the drawer closed again and I heard him heading back towards the door, which was about three feet from my head. As he approached the door, I (inadvertently?) made a small sound. It could have been a cough, or perhaps a gasp, but he heard it. And the man stopped at the doorway, startled.

He slowly turned in my direction, and noticed, for perhaps th first time, that someone was in the room with him. And also, for the first time, I saw what he has been rushing in and out of the room to retrieve - what he has been getting into the drawer for. The amber night light in the hallway shined on a knife blade he was holding in his hand.

He squinted at first trying to find me in the darkness. And when he finally made out my form, his eyes widened, and then squinted again. He turned in my direction, with the knife, and slowly walked toward me.

And then I woke up. And thus goes my dream cycle for the past two weeks or so. I think I need a change in my medication.