Monday, February 05, 2007

Tuesday: Two Cents Day

There is buzz going around these days about how the NAACP and some U.S. postsecondary officials are condemning college parties that are themed "gansta parties". That is, mostly white kids get together and wear gang gear, grills on their teeth, and drink malt liquor out of paper bags. The NAACP complains that these antics conjure the worst racial stereotypes.

I say: Suck it up. Yes, it's probably not the right thing to do, but I don't see where anyone is really getting hurt by it. Especially since its a real thing.

Stereotypes exist for a reason. And it's not as if these parties are making fun of anyone, per se. The black community created the gangsta lifestyle; they endorse it and, yes, they even promote it. So if a group of people want to get together and be "gangsta", I don't see why that is wrong?

At an off-campus "Bullets and Bubbly" party throw by University of Connecticut School of Law students last month, pictures showed students wearing baggy jeans, puffy jackets and holding fake machines guns. I mean, doesn't this sound like an album cover for 50 Cent? It's hardly making fun of someone when its an accurate representation.

And I can't even see where anyone is being made fun of when the gangsta lifestyle is exactly that - a way of life. It's a choice that is made by every adult who lives it (no one is born a gangsta). Maybe a party based on the gangsta life is a little crass, but it can't be considered racial insensitivity when it's being accurately played out.

I don't hear the state of Kentucky complaining when kids get together and throw "white trash" parties. And for all I care, fraternities can even throw "gay" parties, where they sit around, flirt all night, get drunk, and give each other blow jobs.

Oh wait, they already do that.

If blacks in America don't like the way they are being represented, they need to start doing a better job of reprezent'n. Just my two cents.


  1. My favorite post of yours yet. SO true.

  2. "(no one is born a gangsta)" -

    waiting to be an album title!

  3. "If blacks in America don't like the way they are being represented, they need to start doing a better job of reprezent'n."

    If gays in America don't like...

    I think blacks, like gays, are very diverse within the umbrella of the minority title. I think some blacks are fine they way they are represented and some are not.

    And I think the problem with the gangsta party is that rich white kids of priviledge are exploiting a stereotype when they know nothing of what it is to be from a neighborhood where you have to be in a gang in order to get from your front door to the school door. I know of where I speak. I went to such a school and they had one of these parties.

    They walk around with fake machine guns but do they know what it is to be at the end of a real barrel?

    And if you consider that the thought of college is a dream that many black kids that live in inner cities with rampant poverty (thank you Bush) can't envision because where would the money come from to pay for college, its just sad all around.

    I guess this is a long winded run-on sentences way of saying I disagree with your pov.

    But at least the kids still have the right to have the party. I would back their right to have the party, I just wouldn't endorse it.