Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Harder And Harder

When it's time for you to leave a job and move on to the next one, the in-between time can be agonizing. I feel like a lame-duck employee. No one is giving me any projects because they know I won't be around to finish them. And there are a few things I need to do, but I should probably wait until my replacement is hired so that I can show that person how to actually do these things, not just talk about them and say, "You'll know what I mean when you do it."

It's increasingly harder to get up at 5:30am everyday and trudge off to a job I am no longer interested in. If it wasn't for the few people that I actually like there, I would use the rest of my 6 allowable sick days (that's right, only 6 sick days. In Chicago. That's basically two winter colds. Cheap asses.) But my work ethic and sense of duty, no matter how tainted, keep me going. Plus I am being taken out to lunch practically every day by someone different. Yeah, my dance card is full.

A two-week notice is just too long. Another guy in my office quit the same day I did, but he's only working a one-week notice, not two. That's enough time for him to clean up his files and transfer his work to someone else. I doubt his replacement is hired while he is still employed here. Which calls to reason that my job will be taught to someone whether I am here or not. Two weeks is a generous amount of time to give to a company who didn't seem all that interested investing any time in me at all.

Right now, this job is just in the way of me getting on with my life. And it's getting harder and harder not to completely resent it.

(PS: the artwork is by artist Steve Huston. Click on the image to go to his site. I love his work.)

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