Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Heathly Choice

Now and then, there is a commercial on television that really hocks me off. Currently, it's a commercial for Healthy Choice dinners. You've seen it:

A couple of camera-friendly chefs are in a modern home-like kitchen, jauntily tossing this herb and that spice into a dish. And I am fine with all that: they're cute, they like their jobs, they're creative, and Marcel is nowhere to be found. And then the part irritates me comes up - a line at the end of the commercial where they say that because of their constant strive to achieve a culinary and health-conscious menu, they have "added flavour to taste".

Add flavour to taste. Hmmm....

Exactly how does one do that . . . exactly?

How do you add something to itself? Adding flavour to taste is like adding ocean to the sea or chicken to poultry - it's the same damn thing. What the hell is Healthy Choice trying to tell me with this? If they want to say they put a lot of work into their meals, then just say that. Don't blow smoke up my ass by telling me something as inane as "adding flavour to taste" - which makes absolutely no sense to me.

Just for this, I'm going back to Lean Cuisine.


  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one who bristled at this insipid ad!

  2. Healthy perhaps - tasty, not really.

    We've tried the Weight Watchers Meals and found them to be better.

    Lean Cuisine is better than Healthy Choice - we think. ;-)