Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So I am a little disgusted with The Red Eye, the daily morning throw-away edition put out by The Chicago Tribune. Here's my complaint:

There is a section in the paper cleverly (or so they think) titled, "Wearwolves". In this column, three "experts" (and I use this term exTREMEly loosely) critique outfits, worn by people ranging from local residents to international celebrities. These models sometimes don't realize they are being critiqued and certainly don't invite it. But the "experts" feel the need to offer what they consider sage advice in order to make the world a prettier place.

Above, the "pros" are judging members of the Chicago Wolves, ironically enough. This entire section is nothing if not downright mean-spirited. It would be different if they all would agree on something (read Joey Crabb's reviews). And what purpose does it serve when these "fashionistas" just offer snarky opinions that don't help at all (like Cory LaRose's review by "The guys")?

I can't really speak for Monique and Phnewfula's (I have no idea how to even pronounce that) stores, but I have been in Fasano and Worth's His Stuff in Andersonville. I've actually even written about it before, and not favorably. I'm not really sure what makes these people experts - is it just because they work in/own a store? If that's the case, The Gap should have me on retainer.

I wrote to The Trib and gave them my opinion on how negative this section is and how it offers no true assistance, it's jaundiced and pusillanimous (my new favourite word). The Trib's response was that it's a popular section and people seem to like it.

Right. And the members of NAMBLA don't think they are doing anything wrong either.


  1. I've only been in His Stuff once, long enough to realize that there was nothing larger than a medium and when I asked I got a look of "You shouldn't be shopping here."

    I agree WearWolves is a lot bitchy!

  2. It's trash mag fodder to the max, but I've seen a lot worse in the bitchy department.

    The fashion world is a shallow and bitchy place; it's all about how things look.

    Sure there could be some hard hitting article about some serious topic, but even I admit that sometimes it's nice to switch off and be stimulated by something mindless/shallow/meaningless.

    Why do you think Jerry Springer has been on the air so long?

  3. It's the Red Eye....you expected more?