Thursday, April 05, 2007

41st Birthday

As Sunday, April 8th is my 41st Birthday (as well as Easter), I thought I would reminisce about some of my more memorable birthdays from years past. I was born during a snowstorm on Good Friday, April 8th, 1966. Since Easter is a transient holiday, my birthday has yet to fall on Good Friday again (and only twice has it fallen on Easter).


4oth Birthday - The BF and I had dinner at Joy's and then he threw a party of about 20 people for me at his condo. Afterwards, we all headed to Sidetrack.

39th Birthday - Ex #5 threw a birthday dinner for me and 8 other friends at my favourite DC restaurant, Grillfish. Afterwards we all went to Tom-Tom's where I opened presents and got drunk.

38th Birthday - Ex #4 took me to dinner at Rice in DC along with friends Ashley, Aaron and Marc (who shares my birthday). Afterwards, we went to 30 Degrees and Cobalt.

34th Birthday - Took a trip to Boston, had dinner with friend Dan the night before. Spent my birthday walking around Harvard, then going to dance at Buzz.

33rd Birthday - Ex #3 took me to dinner at Cheesecake Factory, but didn't bring any money so I had to buy it myself. Then he cheated on me the following night.

32nd Birthday - Ex#3 wanted to take me to dinner, but was low on funds. So we went out for a birthday dinner at IHOP, then rented Primary Colors and watched it at his house.

30th Birthday - Returned to DC from a weekend at my parents' place. Dating Mike, who took me to dinner at Trumpets, and then for a long walk among the Cherry Blossoms at the Jefferson Memorial.

29th Birthday - Out to Talons in Frederick, MD with best friend Jeff and friend Natalie.

28th Birthday - Called off work, went shopping with Caroline. Had dinner with Tom and Jason, then visited friend Lee with friends Mark and Micheal.

27th Birthday - On a week-long trip to Orlando and Disney with best friends Jeff and Matt. Spent the day by the pool, had dinner at Western Steer, then went dancing at Parliament House.

26th Birthday - Ex#2 and I break up the day before. Didn't really celebrate this year.

25th Birthday - Took the day off work. Went apartment shopping then had dinner with friend Akili.

22nd Birthday - Ex#1 and I go to Great Falls for the day, then rent Platoon and Lost Boys. He bakes me a cake in the shape of a penis.

21st Birthday - Go out drinking with friends Todd and Jamie to the Repub Club in Frostburg. Burn my lip on a shot that's lit on fire.

20th Birthday - Spent at Ocean City with friend Paul. We have dinner at Phillip's and see The Money Pit at the theater.

19th Birthday - Fiance Crystal takes me to dinner at Gehauf's and then we drive to the lake.

18th Birthday - Coincides with Senior High Dance - all my friends are there.

Before this, my birthday was never really celebrated greatly. Just family dinners, a cake and some gifts: simple and sweet, the way I think birthdays should be.


  1. happy birthday, honey!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday! Wow, look at that hair!

  4. Happy Birthday! I love our birthdays past recap.

  5. Happy Birthday Dop! Was 22nd Birthday with someone I know?