Monday, April 09, 2007

Birthday Wrap Up

My birthday weekend was delightful (which is a word I think should be used more often).

On Friday, I left work at 3, headed to the gym, then was treated to dinner by The BF at Le Creperie, a charming restaurant that serves - you guessed it - crepes. And they are delicious (I had the broccoli and goat cheese crepe). You initially don't think one of those things can fill you up, but they do. At least they do for me. For dessert, we split a caramel crepe which was heavenly! The restaurant has a very old world feel and it's not a stretch to get the feeling that the Tower down the street is the Eiffel instead of the Hancock.

Knowing my penchant for the culture and how badly I want to attend an Indian wedding, The BF then treated me to the movie The Namesake. I highly recommend it. It's a coming of age movie for a mother and the husband who challenged her to strive for more, and a son's need to fit in to America despite his parents' unwillingness to let go of traditional Indian ways. And there were two weddings in the movie. Score!!

A "care package" from home filled with homemade cookies and Chex Mix, and tulips from The BF topped my weekend. This was a graceful entrance into the next year of my life.

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