Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Departed

The BF and I finally watched The Departed the other night. Good movie - kept me on my seat. Lots of twists and turns. Some things were predictable, but all in all I loved it a little.

I did not, however, think that Mark Wahlberg deserved an Oscar nomination. He's played that part a million times already. What was the role again - a smart-mouth from South Boston who knows it all and is homophobic? So now they give out awards for playing yourself? C'mon!!!

I do think Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing. I mean I have no idea what it is to be a crazy dictator who slowly drowns in dementia, but I do know what it is to be so very afraid of something that you don't know what your next move should be. I could relate to that; I think many people can. And DiCaprio played the part well - I could feel his terror.

Was this movie Martin Scorsese's best work? Not in my opinion. I think that honour goes to Goodfellas. But The Departed was a good movie and it finally brought Scorsese the recognition he'd so longingly deserved.

The Extras Section on the DVD sucked though.