Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Nancy Grace Is Insane

I don't really have anything else to say on this - I just wanted to put it out there. CNN's "justice" "reporter" is loud, abrasive, and unfair. I don’t understand why and how she is on the air, much less on a respected cable channel. Mean and vicious in face and tone, she is on the attack, and that’s how she has made her name as a commentator. Maybe she is tolerable in a sound bite, but for a half hour one just feels dirty after watching her.

Besides that, whoever dresses her has horrible fashion sense. Have you seen her yet in the Native American skin top with the turquoise jewelry? Ghastly!

My favourite part of Grace's show (I will catch it only as I flip through channels) is when she goes from brow-beating a mother, who's child has been kidnapped, for not being a better parent, to then instantly shifting to being docile and almost sweet. All the while, her fangs are still showing. And when she throws her "Thank you, fray-und" to her sycophantic callers, I want to throw my shoe at the television.

Amy Poehler does an imitation of Grace on Saturday Night Live that is dead on. She nails Nancy "Without" Grace to the wall. The smug baiting of interviewees, the preconceived verdicts, the self-righteousness – Poehler has it all. But then, Poehler is a genius.

And Nancy Grace is insane.