Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thank God That's Over With

I've never been so eager to see a television series come to an end. I tried to love BRAVO-TV's Top Design, but I just couldn't. I was faithful every Wednesday night, stuck by it, made excuses for it, stroked it lovingly. But last Wednesday night the show came to an anticlimactic end, and I, for one, am glad to have my Hump Nights back again (cause there ain't no way in hell I'm gonna be watching its replacement, Shear Genius). I can't imagine BRAVO will renew Top Design for another season. It was lackluster and unrealistic. I mean how many rooms are actually shaped like a hexagon?

BRAVO, just bring back Tim Gunn and Project Runway soon and no one will get hurt.

But back to Top Design (since I brought it up), the show offered few surprises. The winner of the show was Matt, who was actually my choice from the very beginning (The BF had chosen Goil). OF COURSE he was going to win over Carisa, because there was no way the posture-palsied Margaret Russell was going to give a photo spread in ELLE Decor to an F.I.T. student over a Chief Designer at an established design studio in Chicago.

I will, however, miss seeing what outfit judge Kelly Wearstler will wear every week. I had a bet that she would come dressed as George Washington in the last episode, but she actually dressed just like a real person. And I used to think that Jonathan Adler was a big deal until mid-season when I realized that it was actually Grace Adler I had heard of and I just got them confused (all in all, his facial contortions and windsor knots were amusing). And does Todd Oldham really speak like Kermit the Frog all the time? Is that his normal voice?

And don't get me started on the guest judges. Who chooses these people?? The guest judge for the finale was Trudie Styler. Who the hell is that, you ask? Me too! Trudy is actually Mrs. Sting. And she is highly qualified to judge the outcome of this finale because she has redecorated her homes - which should qualify just about everyone else on planet Earth:

"And today, our guest judge is Smitty, the homeless guy from the corner of Palisades and Grant. He has converted his small toaster oven-size box hovel into a large three-room refrigerator/office chair box condo."

{rolling my eyes}

Mostly, The BF and I will miss hanging out every Wednesday with Will and Richard. But we now have this event to bond us together forever. Sorry guys.

And with that, I have only one thing to say: See you later, decorators.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. This was an annoying show from the beginning.

    And I still find it VERY difficult to believe that Matt is just not a little bit, well a whole lot, gay?!?

    He just seemed to bring up "My wife and daughter" too often, like he was really really really trying to let you know that he wasn't gay.

    And yeah, what the heck was up with all of those windsor knots, for the longest time I thought he just had a really big goiter.

  2. Thankfully, I never watched the show until around the final 6. For some stupid reason, I kept watching it even though I knew I didn't like it.

    - I can't stand Adler's knots. SO huge for his frame! Ugly, ugly, ugly.

    - The host's voice gets on my nerves. He tries to be Tim Gunn, but he's not, and his inflections and intonations annoy me. (I forget his name.)

    - And that other judge chick -- I forget her name too -- with the bright red long hair -- wow, she was in desperate need of a makeover.

    And I can just imagine who difficult it would be to get out of Carisa's final bed every morning. As it is now, I fall out of my bed. To actually have to work to climb out of a sunken sleep quarter would drive me crazy.

    And the fact that Matt had a wife and kid kinda floored me. He just seemed so gay.

  3. AMEN TO THAT!!!!! I am sure there will be something else that we can get together and critic soner rather than later...hell...we live in the age of 'reality TV'. I am still strongly opposed to that 'scissor chop-chop' show however...please don't get sucked in!

  4. Last time I visited home, I was channel surfing (as I always do when at home or traveling and in a hotel). This show sucked...too many whiners. However, I ended up wasting an entire day in front of Top Chef on Bravo.