Thursday, May 24, 2007

10 Things

Ten Things You Don't Think About Until AFTER the Move.

1) The shower pressure in the new place is really bad.

2) How to re-hook up your cable/tv/dvd/vcr/internet combo?

3) Your roommate had to reconfigure his wireless air port and forgot the password.

4) You realize there's no storage in the bathroom.

5) Where are all the boxes going to go?

6) Elfa is expensive when you don't buy it on sale.

7) Wiring in older buildings makes it impossible to put in ceiling fans.

8) Third floor is a lot hotter than second.

9) Lugging your bike up and down three flights gets really old, really fast.

10) Living this close to your boyfriend is amazing!


  1. I used to live on the third floor (now the first floor) and I don't miss climbing the stairs!

  2. awwwww (re: #10)

    welcome to the 'hood!

  3. He he he...your down with us now!! Ouch. I feel your pain on #1. A great shower is a deal breaker on apartments with me! (Ours is great if you ever need it if Kevin's isn't ava!) Welcome to the 'Hood!

  4. Hey Dop - great running into you Saturday night, I don't have your email address so here's a link to the pic if you want it.

  5. I know this isn't comforting, but weaker water pressure is better for the environment, isn't it? Less wasted water, right? But yeah, I like strong pressure, too.

    The third floor is hotter than the second, but at least you don't have noise above and below you. Trust me, it helps.

    Isn't there a place in your building, like maybe in the basement with the laundry, to chain your bike?

    But anyway, enjoy Boystown!

  6. moving totally sucks. I hate it. Glad its working out for you. I used to live in Boystown, then later Andersonvile too. Nice blog btw. Stop by and say hi sometime.

  7. Don't fool yourself -- Elfa is ALWAYS expensive. That sale is only 15%, and it will still cost you two children and a kidney to fill one tiny closet.