Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Ad Hominem = Justin

Last week, I received this comment to this blog entry:
Is there anything in life that you like? You sure complain an awful lot. Instead of being so negative, you could look at this a whole other way. You live in an amazing city filled with excitement. Cubs season is a small part of the year - when all of the clowns do come out. But, other riders on the trains are laughing at the harmless clowns. Their vibrancy and excitement should make you smile - it's infectious. It seems you believe you have one of the world's most difficult jobs and that you SLAVE away all day and should be bowed to and praised quietly while on your Royal Commute home, but if other people bother you and your quest for solitude so much, then maybe Chicago is not the city for you. And, if you were smart, and didn't just want to complain, like a big old Eyeore, maybe you would buy yourself a Cubs schedule and ride the bus instead of the train on Cubs game nights. Just a suggestion. But. I guess it is easier to just complain and be a big negative baby.
This comment was from someone calling himself Justin. He's someone who doesn't know me personally, has never met me, and only has this blog on which to base his opinion of me. Let me say from the outset, that I don't mind people disagreeing with me; I welcome open and healthy debating. What I DO mind is someone judging me, attacking me and insulting me, specifically someone who does not know anything about me or my life, or even, for that matter, if what I write is the truth.

Simply writing something like, "Oh the fans amuse me on the train, I don't seem to mind them" would be totally acceptable. However saying "you seem (to) believe you ... should be bowed to and praised" and "Chicago is not the city for you" has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote about.

I admit that there is sometimes more sarcasm than giddiness on my blog. I write about my observations in the world. If a thing strikes me as funny, hell yeah I'll write about it. But if something bothers me, like ad hominems committed against me, then I will write about that too.

For those of you who do NOT know me, you don't know that I am mostly a goofball; that I am silly and usually say the wrong thing; that I trip over my tongue seemingly more often than other people; that I walk too slow and react too fast; that I am absent-minded and laugh at myself; that the only place I attempt to take myself seriously is on this blog; and that those I am lucky to call my friends consider me charming and lovable.

This was not the first time Justin has left comments such as this (he's left them on The BF's blog as well), so I had to take additional measures. A few months ago I had to begin monitoring comments to decide if I want to publish or reject them. And since then, I have always rejected Justin's. He must never go back to read if I have responded to his comments, otherwise he would see his comments are never published and would, hopefully, cease commenting altogether.

I will continue to reject Justin's comments. So, Justin, I suggest starting your own blog where you can post your own rants and complaints, just like I do here. Only please do so without personally attacking someone you'll never meet.


  1. What a lame attempt at defending bad behavior. I'm a huge Nats fan, but if I'm on the Metro with a bunch of loud, obnoxious fans who are also heading to a game, I'm certainly not "laughing at the harmless clowns." I'm embarrassed for them and looking forward to the moment I can get away from them. Luckily, it doesn't happen too often.

    Also, the word is "Eeyore." Not sure what the hell an "Eyeore" is.

  2. You keep writing what you want. I think you hit the nail on the head describing yourself, and I would think that I know you pretty well. Thirty years to be exact. Don't let others narrow opinions affect you, the people who know you best are the ones that matter.

  3. Oh dear...the tool has returned!! Its funny/perculiar not funny/ha ha the way that people take blog entry's as testement of what a person is REALLY like...newsflash...people's personas on blogs are usually hugely different from who/what they are in real life! Its pure escapism!! I know and adore you, Dopious-maximus!

  4. I'm glad you delete Justin's comments. Funny that he calls you an "Eeyore" and "big baby" (two things you are certainly not) yet he KEEPS READING your blog.

    Besides, I think all of us who blog almost always use it as a platform to complain or be snarky about something - it is cathartic and makes for an amusing read.

    The fact that he writes that you should be "bowed to and praised" is really laughable and just makes him sound like an idiot, since he OBVIOUSLY doesn't know you at all.

    Justin - at this point, why don't you stop reading it and move on?

  5. you KNOW i feel about this... i've been the lucky recipient of j's rude comments as well. there are how many hundreds of thousands of blogs out there?! if you don't like it, pick a new one.

  6. Pardon me being flippant about the whole thing, but I think it's kinda funny. Funny that Justin takes the time to gripe about how he thinks you do nothing but grips. And funny that he thinks that a blog is a full representation of one's self.

    Thanks for being a good sport for those who disagree (I've disagreed with a few of your thoughts, but still enjoy reading you posts) - but you have my absolute support about those who are just out to attack!