Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Men: Shop Alone!

So I was in The Gap the other night and noticed several guys being led around the store by women partners - wives, girlfriends, etc. And by "being led around" I mean being told what to buy. Women just do not understand how most straight men shop.

Men are hunters in the forests and the battlefields, not the discount bins. That's women's territory. We search and scour for food and survivors, not sweater sets. I couldn't help but overhear four conversations while walking through the store. Here are lines I picked up while eavesdropping (all spoken by women to their forlorn male counterparts):

Woman #1: Just try it on.

Woman #2: I love it - you're getting it.

Woman #3: But, it's what you want.

Woman #4: Just do it.

Not many women read my blog, but for those who do, let me tell you that most men shop just like The BF - rarely and quickly. They know what they want, go in to the store, see it, buy it, leave. There's not alot of trying on, checking out fits in the mirror, choosing colours, etc.

We save our hunting abilities for other things. And not all of them are respectable either.