Monday, June 04, 2007

Open Letter: Flips Flops

Dear Flip-Flop Wearing Commuters:

Flip-flops and sandals might be comfortable to wear to and from work, but they have no place on a crowded bus or train during rush hour. I cannot always look down to see where I am stepping, so if I happen to land on your well-pedicured toes, it's not really my fault. I have to make it from the middle of the bus through an unforgiving group of commuters to an exit door that might only be 10 feet away, but may as well be 50 yards. And believe me when I tell you that if I really wanted to, I could take several of you with me.

But I am cautious, or at least try to be, as I navigate around the three shoulder bags you are carrying while you pretend to ignore me by wearing sunglasses and your little white iPod earbuds. I know you see and hear me. I'm practically unmissable.

So be a pal. Either wear shoes or get out of my way. Because one of us will be suffering otherwise - and I can promise you it will not be me.


  1. Hahahaha! Now if you could please just write an open letter to the morning yappers. And to those people who turn the volume on their iPods up so loud that everyone can hear how poor their musical taste is. And to those crude people who clip their fingernails on the train. And the gum-poppers. And the obnoxiously loud cell-phone talkers. And....oh, you get the idea.

  2. This is funny! Can you also tell those people to give up their seats for pregnant ladies?

  3. Truly a great organization Dop. And one that I frequently donate to. When did you make a move to that company?

  4. I have that same problem, only with people who wear shoes.