Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Open Letter

Dear Grandma/Nanny/Caregiver:

Please wait until rush hour is over before you start your little day outing with your grandchild/charge. Clearly, you don't realize that the bus is already crowded with people, and we lose about four seats alone just to make room for your stroller/Volkswagon/small apartment. There's an announcement on the bus which asks those with strollers to fold them up on crowded buses. Apparently, you choose to ignore this rule.

We fellow passengers are doing the environmentally conscious thing and taking public transportation to work, and slowing us down while the bus has to lower itself because you don't possess the strength to lift a stroller the size of a Humvee is simply unfair. And really, if you can walk the several miles throughout the zoo/mall/park, couldn't you at least walk the one mile distance to it? Only going six stops hardly seems worth your trouble. Or mine.

Perhaps you could better use this time in the morning to teach your little companion some rules of behavior. Clearly this child has never been disciplined in its entire, short life. If my grandmother disciplined me using your method, I'd be a serial killer by now. A firm grab of the arm and telling the child to stop doing . . . well, everything it's doing . . . should suffice. There's no reasoning with a two year old. Believe me when I tell you I'm not sure who deserves a spanking more - the kid or you.

So give us all a break in the morning. The commute is tough enough for us. It doesn't need further complicating by you.

Thanks ever so.


  1. Great post - I can only imagine what was going on with this grandma and the kids!

  2. Dop, sounds like you had a tough morning commute there! Some people are just not very thoughtful or nice to others. Take it easy and don't let those things to get your blood pressure high right at the beginning of the day.

  3. You know what you are? You're an anti-juvenite!