Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rainbow Flag

We Mo's are a subliminal bunch. We have codes and secret meanings for just about everything. The hanky code alone was enough to drive us completely batty back in the day. One night out with friends, I made the mistake of wearing a red hanky in my back left pocket, only because I thought it was cute and went with my cowboy hat. Only when an older friend came up to me with a surprised look on his face and said, "You like to get fisted??" did I realize that you sometimes things are not always as they appear (I then quickly proceeded to throw the red hanky in the trash).

Given that this is Gay Pride Month, I think it's interesting to note that the ultimate symbol of gay, the rainbow flag, is utilized not just because its colourful and pretty, but because each striped colour represents something within the gay community:

Red: Life
Orange: Healing
Green: Nature
Blue: Harmony
Purple: Spirit

What those six things have to do with being gay still kinda baffles me. Much like the hanky code. But it's something cool to know, I guess.

Happy Pride!