Monday, July 09, 2007

3 Down, 1 To Go

This past weekend, I was reunited with The BF after his amazing accomplishment of a 695-mile solo bike trip that put him in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Virginia (I'm still in awe). Last Friday night, he picked me up from Dulles Airport in VA so that we could attend Carrie and Marty's wedding on Saturday night. Attending the wedding was an important step in our relationship:

1) It marked the first time I was officially invited to a function with The BF. Prior to this, invitations were sent to The BF "+1". This time, my name made it on the invitation, suckas!

2) I got to meet just about all of The BF's college friends, who are very near and dear to his heart. It was a bit daunting, as I would be meeting about a dozen or so people all at once.

I only had two fall-backs for the night - Jessica and Ann, both of whom I already know. But as expected, they are all a great group of people. If you can judge a person by his friends, then The BF is a pretty great guy (but I already knew that).

But, MORE IMPORTANTLY on this weekend trip, I met The BF's sister and brother-in-law. Not just met them, but stayed in their cute little home. And they were as gracious and accepting as I expected them to be. Truth be told, I usually do pretty well with sisters; three of my Ex's have one (#1, #4, & #5). But I was a little nervous about meeting this one, I think because we waited so long to meet. She's been hearing my name for about two years now, and I felt I had either a lot to live up to, or a lot to explain. But she's a lovely woman and it was fun seeing someone with the same mannerisms as The BF . . . only in the form of a perky little redhead.

So despite The BF's myriad of friends, I've now also met
The Mom, The Sis, and The Bro-in-Law. That leaves only The Dad.

3 down, 1 to go.


  1. Glad you had a great trip! Good luck with dad. He'll like you, don't worry.

  2. How could everyone not have loved you? Especially when you spanked Moira with a lily and gave John a piggyback ride around the dance floor. You were the belle of the ball!

  3. I'm with Jessica - how could you NOT be loved by everyone?

  4. Aw, nice. I agree with everybody else here, you will do just fine. His dad will like you for sure.