Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cold Homeless

I ask this question not to be a smart-ass but just because I would like to be educated:

Do homeless people acquire lower body temperatures?

The other day, it was 95 muggy degrees in downtown Chicago and I saw a homeless guy at the gas station across from my office, wearing a coat. And this is not the first time I've seen this. I can understand the need or compulsion for someone without a home to have to wear everything he owns, but many times I have seen someone who I define as homeless or vagrant dressing far colder than the actual temperature.

So I'm just curious. Anyone?


  1. Dop, I always assumed with the person being homeless, they didn't have a place to store their clothes but on themselves. Thus, they would simply wear them all in order to ensure they they have them for when the will really need them.

  2. I am not sure where I heard this from but people that do that are suppposed to suffer from schizophrenia and their bodies tell them that they are cold even though they can in fact be sweating profusely.

  3. Dop - Thanks for removing Justin's ignorant and rude remark. I sure hope he isn't in any kind of job where he has to mentor or teach people, cause I'm sure he'd suck.

  4. It's currently 115 degrees in phoenix and the overpasses are still sprinkled with the winter-coat wearing homeless...

    Maybe beat up old coats are all people ever donate to the shelters.

  5. Could it be that they feel cold because they're hungry?