Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter Film

So last week, The BF, The Roommate, The Roommate's BF, and I went together to see the new installment of the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Let me say at the outset - not my favourite one. Actually, quite possibly, my least favourite one. I won't give away plot lines, but the movie moved very slowly. I'm all for a brooding character now and then, but brooding can only last so long.

There didn't seem to be much character development, and there was very little that actually propelled the story forward. Perhaps all of it was just set-up for the next two, but at 2.5 hours, I expected to learn more about these characters and their situation: Harry still hates Voldemort, Voldemort is still gaining strength, Ron and Hermoine are still by Harry's side, Hagrid still has their backs, Dumbledore still thinks Harry is the next best thing to cheese dip.

And in mentioning the characters, I didn't believe the character of Professor Delores Umbridge. She seemed too mean for no reason. There was no backstory or explained circumstances as to why she was the way she was. I would say that perhaps the book is better, but both The Roommate and The Roommate's BF admitted to not even finishing the book because it was such a downer.

The one thing I have found to be amazing is that they are still using the same kids from the first movie. It's pretty impressive that they have not had to replace any of them (drugs, death, alochol), but then I guess the UK's teen performers are nothing like America's.

So now I sit and wait until 2009 (hopefully) for Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince, hoping it's a better film than its immediate predecessor.