Thursday, July 26, 2007

He's The One

A few weeks back at Carrie & Marty's wedding, while sitting in the room waiting for the wedding to begin, I sat listening to a man and woman playing background music on soft guitars and filling the void with melodic and quiet tones. The woman was the main vocalist, and I enjoyed her voice immensely. So much so, I actually ignored The BF and the conversations we were having and started paying attention to the woman's singing. And as I began paying attention, I realized I knew the song she was singing - an acoustic version of Robbie Williams' "She's The One".

I've heard this song about a hundred times off Robbie's The Ego Has Landed CD. Perhaps I never really paid attention to it, perhaps it was the woman's voice, perhaps because I was at a wedding surrounded by love, perhaps it was just having The BF next to me for the first time in three weeks (following his bike tour) . . . perhaps it was all these things. In any event, while sitting listening to the song, I almost totally lost it.

I'm not a crier - that is, it's rare for me to shed a tear. I have to be pretty emotionally tapped out for that to happen. It's not that I don't share my feelings or emotions, I just don't get sad very often. But sitting in that room, next to that person, hearing that song, it was alot for me to handle.

The main refrain is "If there's somebody calling me on, she's the one". It's a song about support and encouragement; about being with the one person who challenges you to challenge yourself to go a little further; about being with that person who inspires and motivates you to be better. And The BF does that for me. I think it was that moment that I realized how nice it was to be with him again. I decided that our relationship can stand the strain of our being separated for several weeks at a time, or possibly longer if necessary - but it's not something I want to do too often. Because I need him there "calling me on". Which he does, with a smile.

And I'm pretty sure he's the one.



  1. I watched "Latter Days" last night, which made me totally emotional, and now I've read your post, which has made me even more emotional. It's things like this that make me realize how lucky we are to find our soulmates.

  2. A true sweet post! Great that you two found each other.

  3. Love is in the air.

    Can I catch it, like a cold?