Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Think I Love It

I can't really tell if this is really cool or really dorky. Nonetheless, I love it anyway. I present to you the Bar Code Chandelier:

Seriously, I want it. For a long time, when I was considering getting my first tattoo - way back when I was 17 - I was planning on getting a tattoo of a bar code between my shoulder blades. Back then, everyone said it was a dumb idea. Since then, however, I've seen bar code tattoos all over the place. Was I ahead of the curve back then - I'd say hell yeah. I'm glad I didn't do it tho.

But at least if I bought this bar code chandelier I could end up tossing it later, not like a tattoo. So is this lamp cool or not?


  1. oh hell no!!!!! dont get the bar code tattoo!!!!!

  2. If it makes you happy, do it. Really.

  3. The lamp is cool. The tatoo might be interesting if you want to embed your contact information in it to get some attention.

  4. Far from dorky Dop. For someone it's a fun statement and also a great conversational piece. Plus it would definitely be hip in a bachelor's contemporary pad. GO FOR IT.