Wednesday, July 18, 2007

July 18th

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2006 - Have dinner and pose for publicity photos at
Hamburger Mary's with The BF, Ashley and Jessica S.

2005 - Fly out to Chicago for interviews. Stay at
The Villa Toscana. Spend the day with The BF (back before he was The BF - it was our second date) at Millennium Park, the Field Museum (with Jessica T.), and Buckingham Fountain (where we snap our first photo together).

2004 - Have third session at Fatty's Custom Tattooz in DC. Have dinner at
Local 16 with Ex#4. Go out with Ashley to Lizard Lounge.

2003 - Go to
Remington's with Ashley to sing karaoke.

2001 - See
Legally Blonde with friend George B.

1999 - Visit
Deep Creek Lake with Ex#3. Spend the day jet skiing, climbing Wisp mountain. Dinner at Silver Tree, drinks at the Honi Honi.

1998 - Go to
Rehoboth Beach with Ex#3. Stay at Atlantic Sands, dinner at Summer House, dance at Renegade.

1997 - Mail my phone and VISA payments. Hair appointment (yeah, I used to have those) at Suissa. Out to
Badlands with friend David F.

1995 - Interview with The Gap in Georgetown. Dinner at Chi-Chi's with friend Lance D.

1994 - Spend the night at Ex#1's place in DC on my way back to
Eugene O'Neill Theater Center summer internship (came home for brother's wedding).

1993 - Dinner at Karrow's with Ex#2 and friends Ron M, James C., and Scott S. during
Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre in Winchester, VA.

1992 - See Ex#2 in
Me & My Girl at Shenandoah Summer Music Theatre. Dinner and drinks with gang at Coley Harry's.

1991 - Softball game in Arlington at 7:00, then go to "Ripped Levi Night" at the DC Eagle with friend Matt B.

1990 - Go to
Allegany County Fair and Expo with best friend Jeff in Cumberland.

1989 - Work until 6. Have pizza with friend
Mike P.

1988 - Ex#1 and I have friends Steve & Steve in for dinner. Ex#1's best friend
Ivan stays over.

1987 - Work until 4:00. Go to
Deer Park Lodge with friend Steve P.

1986 - Work at
the hotel from 4-midnight.

1985 - Take car in for tune-up. Work at
McDonald's from 6-9:45. Out drinking with friend Dave S. visiting from the US Naval Academy.

1984 - Dinner at Pizza Hut with Spanish Class students.

1983 - Softball game at 6:30.

1982 - Ride along to take brother Mike to Boy Scout Camp for the week.


  1. Happy 2 Year Second Date Anniversary.

    Yum....Chi-Chi's. I wish they were still around!

  2. I love it when you do these. And I even get a shout-out in this one! Was this when y'all were living in that townhouse in Sugarland? Is this when we watched Auntie Mame??

  3. Great blog! I just added you to my blogroll at