Friday, July 20, 2007

The Morning Funnies

Few things look more ridiculous that an adult running to catch a bus. Unless it's an adult in a business suit running to catch a bus (especially during rush hour in the morning where we all know another bus will be there within one minute).

I think the suit makes it funnier because, in my mind, those who wear suits are supposed to be on top of their games, in total control, high powered. The bus seems to be the great equalizer: suits sit next to barristas. Even though the dress differently, neither can exist without the other. But I digress.

Funnier than seeing an adult in a suit running for the bus is seeing an adult in a suit run for the bus and not make it. Through the glass, you can see the adult mouth one of three expressions: "shit", "ah c'mon", or the most popular "fuck". And then I can't help myself, but I giggle silently.

This might be a larger issue about how Americans love to see failure, or how I might feel superior because I have attained something that someone else wants, or how adults are failing at time and/or stress management.

Nah! I just think it's funny.


  1. Of course he could be riding the bus to reduce greenhouse gasses and help the enviroment in some small way. Yes he could be riding a bike to help further, but riding a bus in a suit in the summer is not very nice for the remainder of the day. I know, I've done it.
    But it is somewhat funny.

  2. Well, the person wearing a suit does not necessarily mean that he/she is high powered. Lots of marketing, sales, or company cubic staff just need to wear suits due to the company policies. I agreee it is funny to see the suit guy run to catch the bus as long as I am not him. :)

  3. Don't you laugh at me! It's hard carrying that briefcase while running in my suit.

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