Friday, July 27, 2007

Steroids vs. Bulimia

With all the doping scandals going on throughout the world of sports and the world at large, there is something we need to remember: this should not be a double standard.

For years, women and girls have been garnering sympathy and pathos for trying to achieve what society has dictated to be the ideal physical form. Women have been starving themselves and suffering from eating disorders (not to mention making endless trips to plastic surgeons) all in pursuit of being built like a doll from the 50's - which, it's been determined, would actually have to be over 8 feet tall if it was an actual woman, based on her measurements.

Women are not alone in this pursuit of "perfection". Ever see the toys little boys play with, or the heroes they want to emulate? Society's male ideal is far more physically destructive than his female counterpart. And while both men and women want to look good, men primarily have to live up to the performance aspect as well - to go further, be stronger, be faster, be better, to prove yourself physically.

I'm by no means condoning the use of steroids. And even though I've been accused of it in the past, I've never taken them. Genetics and Fritos got me where I am today. But I think we need to slow down on thinking that men and boys who use performance and body enhancing drugs should garner any less sympathy than the women and girls who are starving themselves.


  1. We strive for such high expectations for our bodies, however we don't think of the ramifications of our actions. This is a sad sad state of affairs, and it affects more and more young adults (and older adults) every year. it has reached epidemic proportions globally...but it is treated in typical male 'hush hush..its a sign of weakness' fashion.

  2. It is never easy to accept the self-body image. I guess you have to thanks your parents to give you the nice muscle genes!