Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Voices

One thing that completely throws me off balance is standing in front of a full-grown adult woman who opens her mouth to speak and out comes the voice of a 2-year old. What is this phenomenon? This NEVER happens with men. You'll never hear a grown man open his mouth and sound like he's 3. Granted, puberty might help this, but how does this happen only to women?

Do straight men find this attractive? Is it supposed to be sexy or do guys find it a turn off?


  1. Personally, I found it annoyed. However, I do know some guys think that is sexy for women to do the baby talk. Actually, Paris Hilton might have to be responsible for part of the trend.

  2. you mean a baby voice like what anna nicole had (rip)?

    i guess some -- but not most -- men find it attractive. it probably preys on their "let me assist this helpless woman" vibe. or something. i wouldn't know since i've never tried it (but maybe i should ...)

    not too get all serious on you, but i've also heard it's psychological. some sort of defense mechanism for women that have been sexually abused.

  3. Have you not heard David Beckam (sp) speak? He sounds like a 3-year old.

  4. I'll take it a step further and point out something that many men AND women can be caught doing:

    Talking to their pets in baby voices.

    Makes the hair on the back of my neck stand straight up. Ugh!