Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Trip Home

Made a surprise visit home to see the family this past weekend. It's always good for me to get back to my roots now and then, and my family knows exactly how to put me back in my place. And I sometimes think that I tend to be the voice of reason for all of them, perhaps because I am so detached from their daily lives. I can offer a very objective opinion on matters and I believe they all look to me for that.

Things back home seem to be good. My dad is purchasing another outdoor shed. He already has one in the back of the house that has become more of a workshop and less of a storage unit. So now he wants to get another one to house the lawn mower and snow blower. My visit home was successful in finding a location for this new building. My parents were going to put it directly across the sidewalk from the other one. It would have been a huge mistake. I found another spot that follows both form and function. All that HGTV The BF makes me watch is starting to pay off.

My sister has since taken in two borders since I saw her in June. Two of her son's friends are now living in her house as well. Neither of them get along with their parents and are in transition from college to adulthood - that murky phase where you graduate and don't know what to do next. Fortunately, one of them just got a job as a teacher and the other one is house shopping. So they are making strides at least.

My brother Matt and I worked out together one day - a shoulder and back routine. I am still sore from it. But it's fun now and then to lift with someone else. It certainly pushed me more than I normally push myself.

And my brother Mike had a housewarming party at his new home. He invited his family and friends. While we were there, the thought struck me that this had to be one of Mike's proudest moments - hosting a party in his own home surrounded by all the people he cared about most. Mike's had a tougher road than the rest of us, but he persevered. His tenacity has paid off and he's now a dedicated husband and father, and certainly someone I admire very much.

So these are the people who keep me grounded: they are big-hearted, driven, supportive people. All of them are constantly guilty of simply doing the right thing. They all make me laugh and take my game up another level. It's good to be with them. Even if just for a weekend now and then.


  1. A nice weekend with the family is always nice. Great that you are still very close to your family.

  2. You just can't beat family. As adult siblings, we may get on each others' nerves but a good family bond makes life bearable and enjoyable, even if it is for a short period of time.