Wednesday, August 29, 2007


There are 4 states in the US that don't call themselves states. They consider themselves commonwealths. Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virginia have all gone against the grain and decided they didn't want to be called the same thing everyone else was. You know what the difference is between a state and commonwealth?

Absolutely nothing. Legally, they both mean the same thing. Has nothing to do with how the government is run, the year they became ratified or joined the Union, how they issues taxes, nothing. Okay, technically a commonwealth is said to govern itself for the common good of its people. But isn't that what ALL states do? If a state doesn't govern itself for the common good of its people, then who is it governing for?

So why have these four chosen to be commonwealths when the other 46 chose to be called states? I'm not complaining - just pointing it out.

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