Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 18th

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2006 - Watch Part 2 of the Project Runway finale with The BF and Jessica.

2005 - Meet Lindsay at Blue Man Group. Have lunch with friend David C. at Joy's.

2004 - Rehoboth Beach Trip with Ex#5. Shop the Outlets. Have dinner at DIK's in DC. Drinks at Tom-Tom.

2003 - Flag football with friends. See "Kill Bill" with Ex#4.

2002 - See "Sweet Home Alabama" at Union Station in DC. Clean bedroom.

2000 - Pick up design package from Gallup. Dinner with friend Paul E.

1999 - Shop at Target.

1998 - Visit parents for the weekend. Buy new stove for parents at Sears.

1997 - Walk around Union Station with Ex#3. Go to Badlands with friend David F.

1996 - New Flow arrives in Gap store. Work 8-5. Date with Rick at 7:30.

1994 - Eye appointment at 4:30 at Hour Eyes.

1993 - Brunch with friend Micheal. Walk through downtown Winchester with classmate Colleen I.

1992 - On Fall Break at school with Ex#2, stay at Will O' The Wisp at Deep Creek Lake. Dinner at the Casselman. Play ping pong and swim.

1991 - Pizza Hut with Ex#2, Corey, Micheal, and BJ at school.

1990 - Visit corporate office in Beltsville, MD. Go out to Rascals in DC with friends Glenn and Jim.

1988 - Work at Ticor Realty Tax Service during the day in Annandale, then 6-9:30 at Accessory Lady at Tyson's II - The Galleria.

1986 - Work at Braddock Motor Inn from 5-10.

1985 - Work 2-9:45 at Camelot Music.

1982 - Babysit the 5 Sivic children.

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