Tuesday, November 06, 2007

50 Things I Hate About Public Transportation

As a follow up to yesterday's backpack issue, behold the 50 things I hate most about public transportation:

1. Constant threat of line closures and fare increases.

2. Not enough seats.

3. Annoying cellphone ringtones.

4. Annoying cellphone users.

5. Cyclists who bring their muddy bikes onto the bus/subway and drip all over you.

6. Buses that zoom past you because the driver is just not paying attention.

7. Traffic jams where you can see all the buses from the same route you are taking that left your stop in last three hours are stuck in traffic in front of you.

8. People looking or reading over my shoulder.

9. Unknown puddles of liquid on the seats.

10. Garbage on the floor, particularly items that roll.

11. Drunk people who insist on sitting next to you and telling you what a bitch/asshole their woman/man is.

12. Scratches on the windows, that obstructs my view of the outside.

13. Idiots who refuse to let elderly people have a seat, or just outright ignore them.

14. Racist morons talking loudly about how certain groups are nothing but trouble.

15. Anyone ignorant enough to use foul language in front of children.

16. People who leave their bags on seats as though the bag is a paying customer.

17. Backpackers who do not care about whose faces their packs are mashing.

18. Rude bus drivers.

19. Sitting next to someone who is listening to music full blast through cheap earphones that let all the sound leak out.

20. Chewing gum on the seats, floor, walls, poles, etc.

21. People who fart on the bus/train.

22. People who fart just before they get OFF the bus/train.

23. People who stare.

24. People who jam out to their 30 second cell phone songs. Then do it again. And again. And again...

25. Strikes

26. People who refuse to move all the way into the train or bus when it gets crowded.

27. People who are waiting for the train and crowd infront of the entrance so as to completely block everyone from getting out of the train .

28. People who pour on a bottle of cheap perfume or cologne just because it is easier than taking a shower.

29. People who crowd by the entrance thus not allowing more people to get in.

30. Body odor.

31. Bad breath.

32. Loud conversations especially in a language I cannot understand.

33. Unruly teenagers.

34. People who constantly play with their hair.

35. People who eat.

36. Same people who don't close their mouths when they eat .

37. Same people who leave the leftovers all over the seat and floor.

38. Perverts.

39. Sleepers.

40. Snorers.

41. People who use you for body support.

42. People who make out in public.

43. People who take pictures of you on buses or trains.

44. Ticket booth workers who don't say "you're welcome" when I say "please" and "thank you"

45. People who pick their nose and wipe their finger on the seat.

46. Anonymous ass-grabbers and other gropers.

47. The sick bastards who are so blatant about getting behind an attractive lady when the train/bus is packed, so that they can rub their crotches on the woman.

48. Pickpockets

49. Waiting 45 minutes for a bus only to see three in a row approaching.

50. Bad air flow

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  1. I'm with you on this. How about exposure to the elements. If there was an emergency you would be restricted in your travel. People who are sick travelling on the bus. I would rather see an initiative to use smaller fuel efficent vehicles. I'm all for privacy.