Monday, November 05, 2007

Backpacks Off

How is it that a person wearing a backpack on public transportation does not realize that he/she is taking up twice the room of one person?

It's bad enough in the summer, but now that winter is upon us, and everyone has added at least 4 inches of girth to him/herself thanks to wool coats, parkas, etc., space on the train and bus is at a premium. Especially considering the monthly threats CTA makes about cutting bus routes and service.

There needs to be a public service announcement asking passengers to remove shoulder bags and backpacks and place them at their sides while riding on a bus or train. This not only will increase space, but will cut down on the number of facial lacerations I get from zippers and keys being clipped to the outside of backpacks when I am sitting and someone is standing too close. There needs to be more responsibility taken by passengers who are unaware of their surroundings -- both where they are and what's around them.

And just like on airplanes, passengers should only be allowed one carry-on and one personal item. These women who get on with three shoulder bags, newspaper, pilates mat, coffee cup and phone cause more mishaps than anything else. Remember folks, this is called public transportation; it's not your own private idaho.


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