Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Give Thanks

I give thanks for my health: it has been holding steady these last two years. My doctor appointments have dwindled to just 2 a year now and all things seem good.

I give thanks for my parents: they have loved and unquestionably supported me even when they didn't understand me. They are simple people with a rosey disposition on the world, yet they have accepted me and my life without a blip in the radar. As my mother once said to me, "You can tell me anything. I might not understand it right away, but that's my problem to deal with, not yours." For 40 years I've gone into battle knowing they both have my back.

I give thanks for my siblings: the three people with whom I will share my life the longest have always kept me laughing; challenging my intellect; stirring my passions; keeping me present in their children's lives. They make me feel special every time I see them.

I give thanks for my friends: a collection of longtime friends and recent acquaintances. Their perspectives and opinions have been invaluable in helping me shape my character and beliefs. They've been the family I've chosen when I could not be near my own.

I give thanks for Ashley: the roommate from hell who I can't imagine never knowing. Seven years, two time zones, and four houses later, we are still roommates. It seems like he's always been in my life, sometimes my deepest confidante.

I give thanks for Jeff: for being my own personal Horatio for all these years. He was instantly my best friend when we met in 1989 and he's remained so ever since. He keeps me humble and is not afraid to call me out when I deserve his honest opinion.

I give thanks for The BF: and if you have to ask why, you haven't been reading my blog for very long.

So at this Thanksgiving, I find myself incredibly fortunate and grateful for my happy, healthy and fulfilled life. I selfishly pray that it continues, and I humbly ask for calm to be restored to the world. Above all, I pray that more people understand the concept of "loving thy neighbor" -- because if that one thing came true, everything else would be okay.


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  1. Great post...Happy Thanksgiving...